The land lay wasted as Evil marches from village to town, pillaging all that lay before them. The only thing that can stop save civilization from the marching Orc hoard is a desperate gamble by a group of courageous adventurers, who must fight a desperate battle to save everyone.

This is what happens in almost every fantasy story, movie and campaign. Invariably, the adventurers win and evil is pushed back, but what happens after that?

A (Very) Brief History

Welcome to the Kingdom of Eldmore. It has just survived the Second Orc Incursion, saved at the last minute at the Battle of Spirit Glen by a stalwart group of adventurers who released The One True God from the clutches of an ancient Lich Lord. With the help of the surviving adventurers, The One True God swept down on The Red Krusk, the dragon-riding Orc Commander with a spirit army and broke the back of the Orc hoard. Eldmore is once again free from the invasion, and the surviving adventurers are the celebrated heroes of the land.

And that’s where you come in. You’ve just started your adventuring career, more or less, and you already find yourself asking, “What could I possibly do to get noticed?”

The Campaign

A Darkness at Eldmore is a serialized campaign that has a definite beginning, middle and end. The PC’s are encouraged to write as rich and detailed a background for themselves as possible, because the PC’s help to write the story.

As a GM, I’m planning at least two major, world changing twists and a story that will chronicle the adventures of our heroes over the course of several years.


I’ve completed planning the first adventure, and I have a rough sketch for the next three adventures which finishes the first chapter of the campaign. I’d anticipate that each adventure would be 1 – 3 gaming session each, dependent on PC involvement. I’ve also built in space for PC lead adventures, meaning story hooks generated by PC backgrounds.

If I can find the players, I need 2 – 4, I should be ready to start before the end of January. I’d like to spend the first gaming session building characters and their backgrounds, and getting to know everyone. If we can find players, and get a good session in, I’ll be happy to update this OP account to Ascendant so that we can use this as a campaign tool as well.

A Darkness in Eldmore

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